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To get in touch, please use the contact form on this homepage or send a dm on instagram. Try to describe your idea as closely as you can, ie: what motif / flash did you have in mind, which position and size, do you want color, etc. This will make my life a lot easier 😉 
Once we figured out the details I will be able to give you a price and we can set up the appointment. I will also ask you to send a deposit of 50.- EUR (or 100.- for larger pieces) via Paypal or bank transfer. This deposit is for my safety and is not refundable in case of cancellation! Once you sent the deposit, I will give you the studio adress.

Sorry but there is no way of answering this question. I am happy to brainstorm ideas with you but you need to give me something to start from, ie. some ideas for a motif and placement at least. Refer to question one of this faq. All tattoos start from 100.- EUR.

You can pay in cash or use Paypal. If you want to pay in advance you might also use bank transfer.

Most customers leave a small tip as a means to show their appreciation for the work that’s been done. This is not required but a sure way to make me happy 😉

I can absolutely understand that you would want to bring a friend with you for emotional support and that’s totally fine, but please limit this to 1 person – to many people in the studio are a huge distraction and will ultimately lessen the experience for you. Also, definitely let me know in advance if you’re thinking of bringing someone!
Same goes for dogs, or any other animals: Please let me know in advance and be sure that your animal will be able to sit quietly during the session and not distract me or any of the other tattooers.

I upload most of my available pieces to my instagram, either as a full post or to my story highlight reels. 

Studio Butterberg is located in Stuttgart south, in close proximity to all public transport. I will give you the exact adress once we finalized the appointment.
The area is quite densly populated, so if you plan on coming by car you should definitely arrive with some spare time to search for a parking space.


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Only in vary rare cases when I love the motif a lot and only with direct permission by the artist (which I will get myself).

I am really no big fan of anything side body / torso / ribcage – These areas of the body are significantly tougher to tattoo and most time that quality of the tattoo will suffer. I am, however, always open to discussion and make my descision depending on the piece and other technical factors.

We adhere to all common rules for hygiene (black+white zones, hygiene handbook of the european tattooers union, all multi use items thoroughly cleaned using ultra-sonic and hot air sterilizers).  We try to produce as little waste as possible but obviously use single-use items wherever necessary (gloves, razor blades, needles, etc.)

We only use the leading brands for colors which are all produced according to the german law for tattoo colors.

All tattoos do bring some inherent risks of infections, allergic reactions or other accompaning effects. These can never be eliminated entirely. However, I take extreme care to work as cleanly as possible, adhering to all hygienic rules and standards, using only single-use materials where necessary and working according to the best international standards in order to reduce any risks to an absolute minum. If you take good care of your fresh tattoo after, you should be safe.

A tattoo is a large area of damaged skin so you should do what you do to any damaged areas on your body: Make sure to keep it clean to avoid infections. I will apply a medical grade film to your tattoo to help you with that for the first day. After you’ve taken this film off the day after, rinse off any remaining blood or color. Make sure your skin stays healthy and doesn’t dry out – use special balm for this (bepanthene is fine or use some tattoo creme you can get in most drug stores). Definitely try to avoid sunbathing, chlorine water and sports for at least a week, two weeks is better.
I will also give you detailled instructions right after the tattoo!

about me

Hi, I am Jan 🙂


Love being a tattoo artist and will be very happy to welcome you to my home @ studio butterberg!


If you feel like doing large pieces of abstract work on your skin, definitely let me know! I am always looking for challenges and opportunities to expand my portfolio.


I love all kinds of shapes, color compositions, geometric, landscape, dreamscape tattoos.


Also loved making this homepage and tried to keep it oldschool lol


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